Solbeso, 40%

Solbeso is a spirit I became a fan of very quickly. I honestly can't do it enough justice. If you love Cachaca or Tequila then you'll love this.


Solbeso, the New Spirit of Latin America. The first new-to-world product; the first new class of spirit since the advent of Bourbon over 200 years ago.


Called the fruit of the gods, cacao has long been celebrated for it's positive effects on health and happiness. Before the refinement of chocolate the mesospheric fermented the fruit to create an alcoholic beverage consumed to prepare themselves for a battle or amorous conquest. With modern distillation techniques, Solbeso has recreated this fond beverage and created the worlds first 40% ABV base spirit made from fresh cacao fruit!


Solbeso gathers its fruit from family farms in remote regions of Ecuador and Peru where Cacao has been harvested for thousands of years.This provides the local growers with a new source of income and has proven more profitable for them than being in the Cocaine trade!

As cacao fruit is highly perishable they distill at the source using a specially designed conga- style alembics to concentrate the aroma and refine the flavors.


"Today's cocktail enthusiasts are looking for something more - more flavor, more character, more social responsibility, a more rewarding experience. Solbeso gives them a more enlightened way to drink." - Solbeso, 2015