I know what you're thinking, Strawberry and whisky?

This was the first ever infusion I did, I just wanted to infuse something simple and easy so thought strawberries would be good, I was right. I've adapted the infusion over time but have never played with it in cocktails that much so  think I'll have to make a new batch and have a play.


Difficulty: Easy


Time to Make: 4-6 Days



750ml Jar FireFly Moonshine White Lighting

1kg Strawberries

250g Raspberries

510ml High Quality Water



1. De-Green the strawberries and prick them with a tooth pick (this increases the surface area and makes the infusion more efficient).

2. Add half the strawberries and raspberries to the Moonshine in a non-reactive container (Glass or Plastic).

3. Leave for 2 days then replace with the remaining strawberries and raspberries.

4. Once all the colour has gone from the strawberries strain all the fruit out using a fine strainer (use a coffee filter if needed).

5. Finally add the water and enjoy.


I chose FireFly Moonshine firstly I enjoyed the product. It's crafted nicely and tastes good, for the infusion it was perfect it took nicely to the flavors. Price wise it's cheaper than any other moonshine/white whisky or white dog.


Lastly it was a 50.4% I added the water to this as at this percentage there was a large amount of burn, the water brings it down to 30%, which softens the burn and allows your to properly taste the fruit.


Bellow is a cocktail I created with the moonshine


37.5ml Redfruit FireFly Moonshine

12.5ml Amarula

12.5ml Lime Juice

2 Dash The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

20ml Mr Fitzpatrick's Blood Tonic Cordial


Glass: Short

Method: Shake & Strain

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Speard Strawberry


I took this recipe and made changes to it in

the Fernet Branca Cocktail section


Red Berry Infused Moonshine