Prebatching Cocktails

Prebatching is the term used for making a lot of cocktails in advance. This can be useful for loads of reasons, perhaps it's an event you're doing, you want constancy, or you're just that busy.


I have bottles of prebatched cocktails at home. After a long day the last thing I want to do it mix myself a Manhattan but I still want one.


There are 2 types of prebatching; whole and partial. whole meaning the entire cocktail is made and ready to serve you see this being done a lot nowadays being served in little medicine bottles. Partial is when you mix part of a cocktail, perhaps is 2 syrups, a mix, or a mix of alcohols.


I've used both methods over time but I'll explain the ones I have found to be most effective.


I have always loved whole prebatching making purely spirit cocktail in a bottle ready to order. It speeds up service and is super consistent. I standardise them so they're all 75ml out of the bottle over ice.


With partial prebatching I have always steered away from mixing alcohol as I if it goes unused it's a much larger expense for your bar or yourself to bin, where as juice is cheap.


Below are some recipes of cocktails which I've prebatched and sold before.


Old Fashioned

50ml Woodford Reserve

10ml Old Fashion Syrup (See article in Homemade)

15ml Bottled Water


Glass: Short

Method: Prebatch

Ice: Block Ice

Garnish: Orange Twist
















20ml Bombay Sapphire

20ml Cinzano 1757

20ml Camapri

15ml Bottled Water


Glass: Short

Method: Prebatched

Ice: Block Ice

Garnish: Orange Twist























50ml Bacardi Grog Mix

Top Zombie Mix


Glass: Tall

Method: Build

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Lime Husk & Sugar Cube alight


Bacardi Grog

Equal measures Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Carta Ora, Bacardi 8 Year & Bacardi Fuago.


Zombie Mix

25ml Grapefruit Juice

25ml Pineapple Juice

12.5ml Lime Juice

2 Dash Angosutra Bitters

2 Dash Peychauds Bitters

5ml Gabrial Boudier Apricot Brandy

5ml MONIN Orgeat



35ml Woodford Reserve

20ml Antica Formula

5ml Maraschino Liqueur

2 Dash Angostura Bitters

15ml Bottled Water


Glass: Martini

Method: Thrown

Ice: None

Garnish: 2 Luxardo Maraschino Cherries













Partial Prebatch

Pina Colada

50ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

Top Pina Colada Mix


Glass: Tall

Method: Build

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Pineapple Leaves

(Optional Umberella)


Pina Colada Mix

30ml Pineapple Juice

20ml Orange Juice

25ml Fresh Coconut Cream

5ml Lime Juice


Combine in bottle shake to mix and fridgorate for 3-5 days

Barrel Ageing

Barrel Ageing has been around for a while now but yet some new bartenders find it a daunting task to begin.


Firstly find yourself a nice barrel on-line don't worry about the type of wood to begin with, lets just get set on how to use one and we're worry about the type of wood later down the line.


So now you've got a barrel you need to prep it.


Firstly soak your spigot in water for 12 hours to make the wood softer, tap the spigot into the hole using a soft rubber mallet.

Secondly you need to seal your barrel. Over time the stave's in you barrel will begin to shrink, this is normal you just need to fill it with water for the stave's to swell back to normal size. This is super important! Don't fill with alcohol as you could loose most of it! Fill with water until your barrel is nicely sealed from all angels.


Now you're barrel ready to be used!


Step 1: Combine the ingredients for your cocktails, remember no fresh ingredients to be used!


Step 2: Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a barrel and seal it.


Step 3: Try your cocktail daily to make see how it is progressing. Once ready decant the barrel through a fine strainer into a large container to remove the sediment.


Step 5: Refill the barrel with water to prevent it from drying out.

Negroni - 20 Serves


400ml - No3 Gin

400ml - Cinzano 1757

400ml - Campari


Age for 30+ Days and garnish with a orange twist













Djehuty Dreams - 20 Serves


400ml - Edgerton Pink Gin

400ml - Antica Formula

400ml - Ramazotti


Age for 31 Days and garnish with Pomigrante Sprits

Barrel Ageing Cocktails

4th Regiment - 20 Serves


500ml - Naked Grouse

500ml - Dubbonet

20ml - The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters

20ml - The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

20ml - The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters


Age for 90 Days and garnish with a lemon twist

Manhattan - 20 Serves

700ml Jim Beam Devis Cut

300ml Cocchi Torino

100ml Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

20ml The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters


Age for 30+ Days and garnish 2 Luxardo Marachino Cherries