Pineau Des Charentes

A sweet, fortified aperitif. It emits notes of fresh fruit, peach and fig and offers a sense of scale with its aromas of dried fruit, almonds, walnuts and quince. Served chilled.


Pineau was born by accident in the 16th century when a dreamy and distracted winemaker had filled a barrel with wine must which contained some cognac. The wine grower forgot about the barrel in the cellar, only to discover a beautiful aperitif a few years later.


Pineau des Charentes is a true regional speciality around cognac, and jules gautret is the leading brand. to make this classic aperitif, one year old cognac is added, from cask, to grape must before it ferments. this prevents the fermentation from even starting, retaining the natural sweetness of the grapes. This delicious grape juice and cognac blend is then aged in oak until the time of the following harvest.


In addition to its role as an aperitif, its richness and balancing natural acidity mean it matches well with many different foods.


A deep, old gold, white pineau provides a feeling of fullness with dry fruit flavours, almond, walnuts and quince.