Old Fashioned Syrup

Mentioned in my article about Prebatching this Syrup is something I've used on bars for years. Many bars opt to use Gomme or Simple Syrup in there Old Fashioneds for time reasions so I thought why not make a syrup that will speed the whole process up even more.


Now I like an Old Fashioned and using simple syrup for me just wasn't providing the right taste. I wanted the Caramel notes you got from Demerara Sugar.


It started off as a just a Rich Demerara simple syrup but I then went on to add in bitters and orange peel.


Bellow I've got the recipe for the syrup which is super simple to make.


Difficulty: Easy


Ingredients for 1 Litre


750g Demerara Sugar

200ml Water

150ml The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

1 Large Orange Peel


Place all ingredients in a pan on a low heat untill all sugar is desolved (Do not let boil).


Stain out orange peel and decant into a bottle. This should last up to 2 weeks or 1 month in the fridge.

I use 10ml per Old Fashioned but try to your taste.

the_bitter_truth_aromatic_bitters 3