Blueberry & Amaretto Sour (Original Recipe)

25ml Lazzaroni Amaretto

25ml Cold Rivers Blueberry Vodka

3 Muddled Blueberries

25ml Lemon Juice

1 Egg White

10ml Rich Simple Syrup


Glass: Coup

Method: Dry & Wet Shake

Ice: None

Garnish: Speared Blueberries

This cocktail was created when we had a bottle of blueberry vodka to get rid of from the bar as it just wasn't selling. One cold sunday afternoon I was working and after talking to my friend Ian, he told me how well Amaretto goes with Blueberries. Minutes later you had this, anything to get rid of the blueberry vodka. I put it on special that day thinking within a weeks it would be gone, hours later its all we had sold. everyone loved it. We ended up putting it on the menu and ordering a ton more blueberry vodka, a year later people still order it.....the Legend was born.