Fernet-Branca, 39%

Fernet-Branca is a brand of Fernet, which is a type of amaro or bitter herbal liqueur. Bernandino Branca invented the Fernet-Branca bitter in Milan, Italy in 1845


Very bitter since its creation in 1845, Fernet-Branca is still created to it's original recipe. The bitters are made from 27 herbs and other ingredients. The exact formula is a  secret known only to the Fernet-Branca president, Niccolò Branca, who still plays a large part in the production process.


Fernet-Branca is often consumed neat as a digestif or as a mixing component (usually supportive and not as the primary ingredient) in cocktails such as the Hanky Panky.


As a fernet, the beverage has a higher ABV (39%) and lower sugar content than most other amaros


Branca Menta, 28%


Branca Menta is a digestif amaro invented in the mid 1960's when Fernet Branca wanted to capture the Female market by increasing the already minuteness of there recipe to create a more easy drinking version. It adds extra peppermint and menthol to the Fernet Branca herbal blend, and is 40% (80 proof) as is Fernet Branca.


Branca Menta is a medium brown color and opaque. It's super minty, with not only mint, but the cooling effect of menthol as well. It's a step sweeter than Fernet Branca, which masks the firm bitterness, pushing it to the finish.


Both Branca Menta and Fernet Branca are popular in Argentina, where it's commonly mixed with Coca Cola. A good ratio to start with is 3 Coke:1 Branca Menta. Its strong mint/menthol flavors can be challenging to work into a cocktail.