Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium

35ml Red Fruit infused FireFly Moonshine

15ml Fernet Branca

20ml Mr Fitzpatrick's Blood Tonic Cordial

15ml Lime Juice

5ml Gomme


Glass: Short

Method: Shake & Strain

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Speard Red Fruit


Doesn't this one sound horrid...


I think that is what I love about this drink. It's possible one of the drinks I'd quite happily drink for the rest of my life (Second to a Pina Colada). Strawberry & Raspberry infused moonshine was something I just tried at home one day. Wasn't sure how it was going to taste but I didn't really mind, curiosity really did have me. That left me with a litre of the stuff which I needed to make a drink. I'd had Blood Tonic Cordial before (Which I can only say is fantastic, it tastes like childhood sweets!).


The Fernet-Branca modification was originally Amarula (a type of fruit cream liqueur) which gave this drink a creamy constituency without being to thick but when swooping out this for herbaceous Italian Amaro this put this drink into a whole different league. I impressed myself when I made this, I never expect to get such good feedback.


In term of saleability it's a god send. the ending result of the FireFly moonshine ended up being 30% ABV and work out as a pence per shot. Happy Bar Manager, Happy Customers.

Watermelon & Mint Fizz

2 Large Watermelon Slices

25ml Mosovshaya Vodka

12.5ml MONIN Watermelon Liqueur

12.5ml Branca Menta

Top Lemonade


Glass: Tall

Method: (Muddle watermelon) Shake and Fine Strain

Ice: Cubed

Garnish: Sprig Mint and Speared Watermelon Ball


So I worked in a bar once where the owner loved Watermelon Martini's. So in true Bar Manager from (and to gain a few brownie points) I made another cocktail using Watermelon.


Born was the Watermelon and Mint Fizz, possible the most simple creation yet, we tried to make a simple long version of the Martini but watermelon lost it's freshness and became too thin tasting. I tried spearmint syrup (which was nice but didn't butter no parsnips).

We introduced Creme De Menthe with tasted ok, but the green food colouring in it made the drink look horrid, I played round with the recipe and then bit the bullet and got Branca Menta involved. Not thinking it would make much difference (More me just wanting to try it), how I was surprised. The menta worked perfectly and really gave the cocktail a new light, it had a 'real' mint flavor and not synthetic and then began my new love for not only Fernet Branca but now Branca Menta.


FYI It's also great as shot....

Hanky Panky

25ml 209 Gin

25ml Cocchi Torino

2 Dash Fernet Branca


Glass: Coup

Method: Thrown

Ice: None

Garnish: Orange Peel


Taken from the Savoy Cocktail Cocktail Book, one of the great classics using Fernet Branca and one with a fantastic name.

This cocktail was created by Ada Coleman the Savoy's first ever female head bartender who is also rumored to have trained Harry Craddock who also later published this drink in his infamous book.

Italian Garden Martini

25ml Gin

10ml St Germain

10ml Cinzano Bianco

2.5ml (1 Bar Spoon) Fernet Branca

30ml Apple Juice

20ml AloeVera Water

2 Basil Leaves

2 Slices Cucumber

Created to sell Fernet to the masses. I wanted to get the guess at my bar into drinkng cool Italian brands, now I couldn't just shove this down their throat they'd hate it. So I encororated it into a drink they loved.

We were going through bottles in no time, little did they know what I was doing.