Bénédictine, 40%

DeoDeo Optimo Maximo-

To God, most good, most great


Bénédictine is by far on of my favorite tipples out there. Long has it sat on back bars gaining dust, seeing years old bottles that have been opened and used once for a Singapore Sling hurts me.


It is claimed that the liqueur was created at the Bénédictine Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy- France, these monks had developed a medicinal aromatic herbal beverage which was produced until the abbey's fall in the French Revolution. In fact Alexandre Le Grand invented the recipe helped by a local chemist and told this story to connect the liqueur with the city history to increase sales.


D.O.M - Deo Optimo Maximo - A phrase on every bottle of Bénédictine. This is a pray used by the Bénédictine order used at the begin of work to dedicate it to god.


Bénédictine liqueur has a very distinct taste. Its made of herbs and roots and sugar with a cognac base.